Q. What is laminate, and how is it fabricated into countertops?

Laminate kitchen countertops consist of several layers of heated and compressed paper with melamine resin. The top layer is what we see as the colour or pattern that becomes your countertop. Today's variety of laminate patterns and colours number in the thousands.

Q: What are the advantages of Laminate Countertops?

  • Design flexibility

  • Durable

  • Easy to maintain

  • Great value

  • Seamless backsplash option


Q: Will my countertops have a seam?

Seam placement is determined by the countertop layout and the size and/or fabrication limitations of each surface. We try to minimize seams whenever possible, but most countertops will require a seam(s).

Q: Can I place a hot pot on my countertops?

We recommend that you DO NOT place any hot items such as hot pots and hot pans on any of the countertop surfaces we provide.

Q: How do I get rid of stains on laminate countertops?

Stains are relatively easy to pull out of laminate. Simply make a baking soda paste (3:1 ration of baking soda to water) and place the paste on the stain for approximately 5 minutes. After this is done, use a non-abrasive pad and gently buff the stain away. Rinse with clean water to avoid any discoloration after you are done.

Q: Can Laminate be repaired?

Laminate can not be repaired if it is stained or scratched. There can be a color fill applied if there is a small chip.

Q: Can a rolled edge be made on the front and side edge?

No, the manufacturing process only allows for the rolled edge to be on the opposite parallel sides.

Q: How long can a top be made without a seam?

Laminate tops can only be made 12ft. long without having a seam or joint.

Q: What if my cabinets are not level?

The counters will only be as level as the cabinets. Shims may have to be inserted under the counters in order to make them level. This may require some molding to be used to cover gaps between the cabinet and countertop.

Q: Will water damage the countertop?

Water will damage the counter if the water gets into the wood substrate. This is more likely to occur when there are joints and seams.

Q: How long will it take for my countertop to be made?

We can have your countertop ready within 24-48 hours once final measurements have been taken/provided.

Q: What is the life expectancy of laminate kitchen countertops?

When used and maintained correctly, laminate kitchen countertops can last many years. Always use cutting boards or trivets to protect your countertop.


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